BBS OF 2L Rectangular Stirrups


BBS OF 2L Rectangular Stirrups In this article, I’m going to discuss, how to calculate the cutting length of a rectangular stirrup. Before proceeding with the calculations, let me introduce you to the components of a Stirrup or a Tie. As you can clearly visualize from the above picture, a rectangular stirrup is bent at 3 of its corners by an angle of 90 degrees, and 2 number of 135-degree bends along with 2 number of hooks given at the 4th corner. Example: Calculate the cutting length of a rectangular…

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Bar Bending Schedule basics (BBS)-Civil Tutor

Basics of bar bending schedule

Bar bending schedule-Introduction: The Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) depicts the bend shapes and cut lengths of bars according to the structural drawings.  Because bars are bent in different shapes according on the curvature of the member, each member will have its own BBS. Basics of Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) In this article, I will discuss the basics of Bar Bending Schedule, in which I am going to discuss the various sizes of reinforcement bars used. The next topic will be about hooks, in which I will discuss the reasons for providing…

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